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Interpreting Equipment, Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland

Interpreting Equipment


Interpreting equipment is required for simultaneous interpreting events involving communication in multiple languages. Today conferences, seminars, meetings, trainings, tours and site visits often include participants and speakers from many different countries and modern interpreting equipment is critical to the success of these events. Whether you are organising a major international conference for hundreds of participants from all over the world, smaller seminars and meetings or group tours and site visits, we can provide you with professional interpreters, all the required technical equipment as well as assistance to meet your specific needs in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Bern, Basel or anywhere in Switzerland.

Our technical equipment includes soundproof booths for conferences such as microphones, headphones and audio systems. In addition, full technical assistance can be provided throughout the event. We provide microphones and high-end audio equipment for meetings and seminars as well as portable wireless microphones and headsets for group tours and site visits. Our client portfolio includes international organisations, NGOs, and multinational companies in fields like pharmaceuticals and luxury goods that require first-class interpretation service and advanced technology.


Soundproof Interpreting Booths

International conferences, large meetings and congresses require simultaneous interpreting into several different languages. This is technically achieved by transmitting the language signals via wireless infrared transmission and by using soundproof booths, headsets, microphones and high-end audio systems. Our soundproof interpreting booths offer several language channels and meet ISO norms.

We take care of all your technical needs

In addition to conference equipment, we can support you with technical assistance on site during the event and provide the transport, installation and disassembly of the systems before and after the event. Our technical solutions are tailor-made for the specific needs of each event so please contact us for more detailed information on our technical service and customised packages.


What we offer:

Tailor-made technical solutions for each event
Transport and installation on site anywhere in Switzerland
Full technical assistance during the events
Infrared receivers and high-end audio systems
Disassembly at the end of the conference


Wireless Headsets (Tour Guide Systems)

Wireless headsets and microphones are particularly suitable for mobile simultaneous interpreting during guided tours and business visits or for meetings, seminars and training sessions organised for a smaller number of participants. One set includes 20 wireless headsets and a microphone, but several sets can be combined upon request and additional headsets are also available.

Thanks to the wireless connection based on infrared signals, the headsets are fully mobile and the distance to the interpreter can be up to 100 metres. This mobility is a great advantage during group tours and visits to different locations.


Key advantages:

Portable solutions for free movement
No cumbersome wires
Easy and comfortable to use
Several sets available for larger groups
Distance to the interpreter up to 100 metres


We are happy to assist you with the technical solution that best fits your needs.


Microphones and Audio Equipment

Sophisticated audio systems and microphones contribute greatly to the successful organisation of board and council meetings, seminars and training sessions. Our technical equipment represents the latest technology and include central control units, wired and wireless microphones, table microphones, tie-clip microphones, infrared transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, loudspeakers and mixers. Please contact us for more information on our interpreting service and to find out which technical solution is most suited to your event.