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Document Translation


Translation, editing and revision

We are committed to providing first-class translation services to a wide range of industries. With advanced industry-specific experience and proven linguistic skills, our professional translators and proofreaders assure accurate and high-quality translations for some of the world’s leading brands. We provide translations into all languages and in all major fields, including legal, finance, marketing, technology and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Our client portfolio includes leading international companies and organisations such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Louis Vuitton, BlackRock, Coty, The United Nations, City of Zurich and City of Geneva. FINVERBUS is an official translation company of the British Embassy and U.S. Embassy in Bern, Switzerland.

Our monolingual editing and revision service is tailor-made for customers who want to assure that their texts are linguistically accurate and read beautifully. Whatever the language or type of text, our experienced and skilled linguistic experts can make your brand or company shine through the right words.

All of our clients are treated with the strictest confidentiality and we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements as part of our commitment to privacy.

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Marketing and creative translations

FINVERBUS Translations offers creative and marketing translations for the most demanding needs. We are capable of translating marketing material, slogans and other creative texts and adapting them for different languages and markets. For example, if you need a brochure to incorporate country-specific information, our talented creative writers and translators will provide tailor-made solutions with their expert linguistic and cultural knowledge of the target market.


Quality management

Quality means doing things right from the beginning. As quality is our greatest asset, we have implemented a specific quality procedure to assure the highest standards every time. Our quality management starts by selecting carefully translators and linguistic experts with degrees in translation and solid experience in their field of expertise. Most importantly, these are professionals who are always native speakers of the target language. In accordance with the ISO 17100 Quality Standard for Translation Services, all our translations are revised by a second linguistic expert and controlled by our experienced project managers to ensure the highest attention to detail and consistent terminology.


Translation technology

As translation is an essentially intellectual process which requires a high level of human involvement, all our translations are done exclusively by professional and experienced translators. We use information technology to control quality and to create project-specific glossaries that aid all of the translators and proofreaders who work on a project. Translation memory tools also help maintain language consistency during ongoing projects and they can decrease delivery times and costs for large-scale translation projects.


Urgent translations

The delivery time of our translations depends on the type of document and service required. We can provide you with urgent deliveries in less than 24 hours and over the weekend. Should you require our express service, please contact our team members to discuss the delivery.



Website Translation and Localisation


Website Translation and Localisation


Multilingual websites

Today’s global markets offer businesses significant opportunities for vendors who want to offer their services and products worldwide. Most consumers and customers search for the products and services they need in their native language and more than half of internet users buy only from websites in their own language. It is therefore crucial to have multilingual websites that target your key markets and to make your website content available in other languages in order to attract other potential customers. To gain a competitive edge in your business, we can translate any website into any language. We apply the highest quality controls to all website translations to guarantee that your website has the very best contents in any language you may require.


Website localisation

Localisation refers to adapting your website to different markets while taking into account the cultural and country-specific aspects. Global businesses need to think locally in order to attract customers worldwide. Localisation can therefore be a key factor for a successful global business. Use our tailored solutions to speak and appeal to your target customers in different countries by adapting your website to their local needs and preferences.

Contact us for more information on our website and localisation services.


Multilingual SEO/SEM & international marketing

Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to improving your website’s online visibility and ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in all target markets. Our multilingual SEO service can analyse your business and determine the best keywords, translate them in multiple languages and use them strategically to optimise your website’s ranking in search engines both locally and globally. Multilingual SEO requires extensive and detailed knowledge about website management, languages and search engines.

Multilingual Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists of online marketing and website promotion by increasing the visibility in major search engine results and in targeted online channels. It involves directory listings, SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. Through excellent partnerships and networks with the most well-known online media, we can offer you global marketing solutions and create targeted multilingual advertising campaigns to promote your business, products or services.

Give your business a competitive advantage and enhance your presence on global and local markets with our experienced SEO/SEM experts. Read more.


Website content writing

Our website content writers draft relevant website content according to your needs. Original, appealing and quality website content is a very effective way to reach your customers and improve your online visibility. We can write your website content in any language and also create blogs, press releases and articles that you may wish to add to your website to increase traffic, attract a larger audience and improve brand awareness.



Software Localisation


Multilingual software

The modern software market is truly international and there is a growing demand for multilingual software and mobile applications. In order to optimise the user experience and meet the global market’s needs, we can translate and localise any software using specific software localisation tools. With these tools, we can effortlessly localise all the text of your software, such as strings, menus, dialogs, bitmaps and icons to reflect the local needs of every market.


Software testing

As part of our multilingual software solutions, we offer software testing. Software testing aims to evaluate the product quality, validate and verify that the software meets the requirements and works as expected in multiple languages. Please contact us for more information on our multilingual software solutions.



Official Certified Translations


Certified translations are important for various legal proceedings and government agencies, which often require that a translation be certified before they will accept a particular document as valid. The translation can be officially certified in different ways depending on the intended purpose and the country where the document will be used. We provide certified, notarised and legalised translations in all major language combinations for official use in different countries. All documents are treated with the strictest confidentiality and we strive to make the certification process as simple as possible for you.

Some of the most common documents that require certified translation include:

- Birth certificates
- Marriage certificates
- Divorce certificates
- Death certificates
- Wills and trusts
- Immigration documentation
- Passports, ID cards, country visas
- School transcripts and degrees

Certificate of authenticity and accuracy

Our sworn translators are accredited by the legal authorities in their respective countries to certify translations. The certification process includes a certificate of authenticity and accuracy, an official stamp or seal along with a hard copy of the official document and the translation.

Notarised translation

Translations of commercial or personal documents can be notarised for legal purposes. If you require a notarised translation, your translation will be delivered with a notarial certificate drafted by a reputable notary public.

Legalised translation

Translations may require an apostille in order to be accepted by legal authorities abroad. An apostille is a type of certification for documents used in countries that are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention. An apostille is affixed to the official documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are happy to arrange the legalisation of your document to suit your needs.

Please find out which type of certification you need and contact us for more information.