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Professional interpreting

Interpreting is the verbal transfer of meaning from one language to another and it is usually performed on site. Interpreting is required when users of different languages need to communicate with one another during events such as business meetings, conferences, seminars, training sessions, quality audits and medical appointments. Interpreters not only translate the given message from the source to the target language, they also convey non-verbal elements of the message, like the tone, intention and feeling of the speaker.

FINVERBUS Translations boasts the most qualified and experienced professional interpreters to meet the customers’ needs in any location worldwide. Our highly specialised conference interpreters have degrees in interpreting and solid experience in their field of expertise; they are members of recognised international and professional associations and regularly interpret at high-end conferences for the United Nations and other international organisations.

Our client portfolio includes international organisations, NGOs, and multinational companies in fields like pharmaceuticals and luxury goods that require first-class interpretation service (among others AstraZeneca, Inter-Parliamentary Union, International Labour Organisation, The United Nations and Louis Vuitton). We guarantee all of our clients the utmost confidentiality and are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements as part of our commitment to privacy.

Our interpreting service comprises, among others, the six official languages of the United Nations: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. We are also pleased to assist you with other language combinations you may require. Read more about the languages and industries we cover.

FINVERBUS Translations can also provide interpreting equipment such as headphones, microphones and soundproof booths if required. Please contact us for more information on the best interpreting solution to meet your needs.



There are different methods of interpreting, depending on the type of event and the number of people involved. Two of the most common methods for conference interpreting are consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. Below you will find more detailed information on each type of interpreting service. Please do not hesitate to contact us to determine the most suitable type of interpretation for your event.


Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting means translating what the speaker has said after she has finished talking. In consecutive interpreting the interpreter takes notes while the speaker talks and the speaker pauses every few minutes to allow the interpreter to relay the information in target language. Well-trained interpreters can render speeches of 10 minutes or more with great accuracy. Consecutive interpreting is often used at meetings, presentations and trainings and it does not require specific equipment.


Easy to set up: does not require booths, headsets or other technical equipment
Particularly suitable for small events and business meetings
Ideal when two languages are involved
Generally requires only one interpreter


What types of events are right for consecutive interpreting?

Business meetings
Small seminars and training sessions
GMP Inspections
Quality, GCP, GLP and PIC/S audits
Tours and visits for small groups


Interpreting, Interpretation, Professional Interpreters, Conference


Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting means interpreting while the speaker is talking. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter is typically in a soundproof booth. Otherwise, a portable interpreting system can be used. This allows the interpreter to translate what the speaker just said into the target language while listening to what the speaker is saying. Simultaneous interpreting requires intense concentration so interpreters normally work in pairs, alternating every 20-30 minutes. Simultaneous interpreting requires special equipment, such as set of headphones and soundproof booths. When requested, FINVERBUS Translations provides simultaneous interpreting packages, including interpreters and the required equipment.


Ideal for conferences and events involving several languages
Saves time as there are no pauses or interruptions
Almost invisible: interpreting booths can be set up behind the scenes


What types of events are right for simultaneous interpreting?

Multilingual conferences
Major events involving a large international audience
Events on a tight agenda where time is a critical factor
Tours and site visits for large groups


FINVERBUS Translations also provides professional interpreters for court interpreting, relay interpreting, whispered interpreting, telephone interpreting, sign language interpreting and escort interpreting for tours, visits and business trips to accompany delegations.


Relay interpreting

Relay interpreting is used mainly during conferences and meetings where many different languages are required and direct translation from the source language to target language is not available. One example of relay interpreting is when the source language is Korean and the target languages are Swedish, Portuguese and Persian. In cases like these, the source language is first interpreted into English and then from English into the different target languages. Relay interpreting is mostly required for large international meetings and conferences where multiple languages are involved.


Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage) is whispered simultaneous interpreting. In whispered interpreting, the interpreter is seated or standing next to the person or people requiring interpretation and interprets simultaneously directly into their ear. Whispered interpreting is used mainly in bilateral meetings where only a few people do not share a common language.


Legal and court interpreting

In legal and court interpreting, trained and licensed court interpreters assist during meetings and court proceedings. The interpreting takes place when the speaker has finished speaking and no special interpreting equipment is needed. FINVERBUS Translations offers carefully selected qualified legal and court interpreters for all legal interpreting needs.


Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a flexible and cost-effective interpreting service. Telephone interpreting connects interpreters via telephone to persons who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. Telephone interpreting service is easy to set up as FINVERBUS Translations provides you with dedicated numbers that connect both parties with the interpreter. Telephone interpreting service can be used anytime and anywhere. Please contact us for more information.


Sign language interpreting

In sign language interpreting, a deaf person can communicate with a hearing individual via an interpreter. Sign language interpreting can take place either consecutively or simultaneously. Our skilled and qualified sign language interpreters can accurately convey messages between deaf and hearing individuals in many different events. Please ask us for more information should you require sign language interpreting.



Interpreting equipment

Interpreting equipment is usually required for simultaneous interpreting events. This equipment often include headphones, microphones and soundproof booths. Headphones can also be required during business visits and tours where the distance to the interpreter can be up to 100 metres. We are happy to assist you with the optimal technical solution according to your needs.

Find out more about our technical interpreting equipment.


Quality management

Quality means doing things right from the beginning. As quality is our greatest asset, we have implemented a specific quality procedure to assure the highest standards every time. Our quality management starts by carefully selecting interpreters with degrees in interpreting and solid experience in their field of expertise. All interpreters are then subjected to a rigorous test period. FINVERBUS Translations is proud to offer reliable and high-quality interpreting services to ensure a successful event or meeting.

Read more about our quality assurance procedures.