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Banking and Finance, Financial Industry, Translations, Geneva, Switzerland        

Finance and Wealth Management


With our expertise and industry specialists in Switzerland and on worldwide markets we help you to gain competitive advantage in the financial industry. Our language services cover a wide range of financial areas, including asset management, wealth management, private banking, pension and investment funds ... Read more


Legal, Law, Compliance, Translations, Switzerland        

Legal and Compliance


Our language services are based on local market knowledge and experienced professionals. With our expertise and tailor-made language services, we can offer premium legal translations for contractual matters, corporate governance, international litigation, compliance, arbitration, antitrust, money laundering and intellectual property matters ... Read more


United Nations, International organisations, translation, interpreting, Geneva, Switzerland  

International Organisations and NGOs


As international organisations are operating in a highly multilingual environment, our language services have been tailor-made to meet the most demanding requirements, whether you need specialised translations or qualified simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for your conferences in any location worldwide ... Read more


International Sports Federations and the World of Sports, Geneva, Lausanne, Switzerland        

International Sports Federations and the World of Sports


Thanks to our broad expertise and wide language selection, sport federations and organisations rely on our first-class language services and continuous support. We are passionate about sports and understand the specific terminology of many disciplines such as skiing, swimming, volleyball, tennis, rallying and football ... Read more


Sustainable Development  

Sustainable Development and the Environment


Whether your organisation, company or community is addressing the SDGs or COP21 goals, sustainable forest management, developing green energy systems, drafting low emission strategies or conducting environmental studies, we understand the importance of these efforts for you and our planet ... Read more


Marketing and communication, language services, Geneva, Zurich        

Marketing and Communication


Whether you want to convince your potential customers, motivate your employees or communicate with your suppliers, we understand how effective communication can make a difference. Thanks to our expert linguistic and cultural knowledge, our marketing translations ... Read more


Cosmetics and Beauty Switzerland        

Cosmetics and Beauty


Our superior language services are designed for your finest luxury care products, to strengthen your brand image and set you apart on today’s competitive cosmetic markets. Whether it is about fragrances, cosmetics or personal care products ... Read more


Healthcare and medicine, translations, interpreting  

Pharma and Healthcare


We understand the importance of quality translations to assure reliable medical data and the correct use of medical and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to our expert linguistic and in-depth knowledge, our medical translations are made for the most demanding needs of clinical research organisations, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, hospitals, dentists and veterinarians ... Read more


Watch and Luxury industry, language services, Geneva, Switzerland        

Real Estate and Luxury Industries


We understand what quality means to you and to your brand image, with our tailor-made language solutions and the most rigorous quality standards we seek to make you stand out with the first-class style. We have specific language experts and teams ... Read more


Prestigious Schools and Educational Institutions in Switzerland        

Prestigious Schools and Educational Institutions


Education in the 21st century is characterised by multilingualism and as globalisation continues, languages open the door to the world. FINVERBUS Translations offers a wide language selection and specialised translations for the most demanding needs of exclusive colleges, elite boarding schools, universities and other educational organisations ... Read more


Insurance, Legal, Translation services, Geneva, Zurich        

Insurance companies


Our translation services cover all insurance segments including liability and legal, home and vehicle, life insurance, health insurance and pension plans and funds. With our expertise and industry specialists in Switzerland and on worldwide markets ... Read more


IT and Technology, Translations, Languages        

IT and Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Thanks to our expert linguistic and technical knowledge, our technical translations are made for the most demanding needs in information technology, artificial intelligence, engineering, software development and the telecommunication industry ... Read more


Engineering, Technical Language services, Interpreting services        



Technical translations require significant industry-specific knowledge and broad experience in the specific field in order to meet the highest quality standards. With our highly skilled translation team specialised in engineering, we are able to provide accurate and high-end translations ... Read more