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Cosmetics and Beauty

Cosmetics and Beauty


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Our superior language services are designed for your finest luxury care products, to strengthen your brand image and set you apart on today’s competitive cosmetic markets. Whether it is about fragrances, cosmetics or personal care products, we help you to create unique multilingual communication with captivating messages that will appeal to your potential customers and target audiences. We are passionate about beauty and well-being, perfumes, makeup, hair care, bath and body skin care and we follow the latest innovative technologies to stay abreast of industry-specific terminology.

Glossy magenta or magnolia red? Let the experts translate your colour shades and marketing material using poetic language. FINVERBUS Translations offers customised translations for cosmetics and beauty companies, product manufacturers, resellers and marketing agencies involved in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Thanks to our wide language selection and our fast turnaround, we are able to meet the demanding needs of first-class health and beauty brands worldwide such as Coty or Givaudan. Our language services cover both consumer and professional products as well as home and personal care products.

FINVERBUS Translations offers an array of customised language services covering the following:

      Corporate communications
      Cosmetic labels
      Good manufacturing practices
      In-flight magazines
      Marketing material
      Product descriptions
     Product technical files
      Training material

FINVERBUS Translations is a leading provider of language services for the beauty and cosmetics industry. We offer premium language services with guaranteed confidentiality and fast turnaround. Please contact us for more information on our customised language services.