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IT and Technology, Artificial intelligence (AI)


Multilingual solutions for advanced technology


Technology is advancing at full speed and the need for technological solutions is growing in almost all market sectors. With our language services, you can be sure of meeting global quality requirements. We provide specialised translations for the IT sector and advanced technology (Symantec, IBM or Acer) covering among others software development, hardware components, control and monitoring systems, mobile applications and product specifications.

We understand the importance of quality translations in order to assure the correct use and functionality of your technical systems, applications, software and hardware solutions. Thanks to our expert linguistic and technical knowledge, our technical translations are made for the most demanding needs in information technology, artificial intelligence, engineering, software development and the telecommunication industry.

FINVERBUS Translations offers an array of customised language services covering the following:

     Artificial intelligence
     Graphics and CAD
     Hardware components
     Installation manuals
     Mobile applications
     Product manuals
     Product specifications
     Software localisation
     Technical specifications
     Troubleshooting guides
     User manuals
     Website localisation

FINVERBUS Translations is a leading provider of technical translations and multilingual localisation solutions for local and global markets. We offer high-quality language services with guaranteed confidentiality and fast turnaround. Please contact us for more information on our technical translations.